Date: Jan 8th to Jan 17th 
Time:  4:00pm to 8:00pm
Location: Metropolitan Exchange/ Brooklyn NY

A 10-day workshop under the direction of Francis Bitonti, where students will learn the tools and theory of computational design processes as they relate to Fashion design. Courses will introduce students to the tools and software needed to design and fabricate complex geometry.  In addition to a schedule of courses, students will collaborate with Francis Bitonti Studio on the production of a 3D printed garment in the form of a working design studio environment.

Design Studio Brief:
We will use 3D printing and computational design techniques to explore new methods and techniques, focused on creating volume around the body.  We will be examining operations for creating volume such as pleating and folding to generate an excess of surface area. These explorations in digital design processes and material exploration will result in the application to a 3D printed garment that will be designed and fabricated with the design team from Francis Bitonti Studio.

$2,000.00 USD
(Tuition Includes all courses listed below as well as all material and production costs associated with research and fabrication of the final 3D printed garment.)

What to Bring:
Students are required only to bring a personal laptop. All other materials virtual and physical will be provided upon arrival

Introduction to Maya
Introduction to Rhino
Introduction to Grasshopper and Processing
Introduction to Z-Brush
Aesthetics of Computation
Design Studio




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